Over 25 Years of Service to Fayette County


In 1990, RobertEberly-Photo E. Eberly, Sr. and a number of state and local elected officials garnered a $500,000 Economic Revitalization Grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that led to the formation of Fay-Penn on January 16, 1991 to assist in growing the economy of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Eberly was Fay-Penn's original Board Chair and served from 1991 - 2001.

Throughout the years, Fay-Penn administered, created, and merged with a number of local industrial and economic development organizations having a similar purpose.  Fay-Penn is now the only organization in Fayette County designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Certified Economic Development Organization (CEDO).

With strong leadership and support, Fay-Penn continues to thrive and maintains a reputation as one of the most well-respected economic development organizations not only in the Commonwealth but across the country.

Although the organization's primary mission has remained constant, its strategies continually expand and evolve.  Our progressive attitude and adaptability to external economic drivers have been key factors in us creating or retaining 9,000 jobs and generating $1.5 billion in business investment in Fayette County during our 26 year existence.

Subsequent Board Chairs

Leo KrantzLeo T. Krantz, Jr.

2002 - 2008

Steve NeubauerSteve Neubauer

2009 - 2013

Bill BlaneyWilliam B. Blaney

2014 - 2015

Jim FoutzJames R. Foutz

2016 - Present


Robert Eberly Jr.Robert Eberly, Jr. commemorated Fay-Penn's history at the Fay-Penn 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner.  Read his remarks here.

See the slideshow presented at the Fay-Penn 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner here.


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