Fay-Penn is the Premier Economic Development Organization in Fayette County


Fay-Penn Economic Development Council assists in growing and diversifying the economy in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  We've become the pre-eminent "1st stop shop" economic development organization in Fayette County by providing comprehensive, second-to-none business development services through our staff or partners to make our clients more competitive in a global marketplace.  We will provide unparalleled client service and satisfaction, using whatever knowledge, skills, and abilities are available, whether they be within or external to the Fay-Penn organization.

Fay-Penn's ultimate objective is to sustain a supportive environment for business start-up, expansion, and attraction.  Intended targets of this approach include:

  • Retaining and growing existing businesses
  • Adding new businesses
  • Creating and retaining jobs
  • Developing the workforce
  • Generating private and public business investment
  • Enhancing quality of life amenities and services

Although Fay-Penn's efforts are broad in scope, we focus on bringing the highest economic benefit return to our community.


Fay-Penn Business Services

Fay-Penn employees are dedicated to making a positive difference in Fayette County through their work. Everyone on our staff is accountable not only to their individual areas of involvement, but also to the overall impact our organization has on our region.  Each employee is committed to:

  • Providing excellent, productive customer service to, and building excellent relationships with, clients, colleagues, and partners
  • Promoting respect, teamwork, and accountability among colleagues and partners
  • Acting with the highest ethical standards
  • Exhibiting the utmost professionalism at all times when representing Fay-Penn
  • Maintaining competency in their field
  • Working effectively ("doing the right things") and efficiently ("doing things right")
  • Seeking the greatest good for Fayette County, its residents, and Fay-Penn