Fay-Penn Economic Development Council assists in growing and diversifying the economy in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  We've become the pre-eminent "1st stop shop" economic development organization in Fayette County by providing comprehensive, second-to-none business development services through our staff or partners to make our clients more competitive in a global marketplace.  We will provide unparalleled client service and satisfaction, using whatever knowledge, skills, and abilities are available, whether they be within or external to the Fay-Penn organization.

Fay-Penn's ultimate objective is to sustain a supportive environment for business start-up, expansion, and attraction.  Intended targets of this approach include:

  • Retaining and growing existing businesses

  • Adding new businesses

  • Creating and retaining jobs

  • Developing the workforce

  • Generating private and public business investment

  • Enhancing quality of life amenities and services


Although Fay-Penn's efforts are broad in scope, we focus on bringing the highest economic benefit return to our community.

Robert E. Eberly, Sr.

In 1990, Robert E. Eberly, Sr. and a number of state and local elected officials garnered a $500,000 Economic Revitalization Grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that led to the formation of Fay-Penn on January 16, 1991 to assist in growing the economy of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Eberly was Fay-Penn's original Board Chair and served from 1991 - 2001.

Throughout the years, Fay-Penn administered, created, and merged with a number of local industrial and economic development organizations having a similar purpose.  Fay-Penn is now the only organization in Fayette County designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Certified Economic Development Organization (CEDO).

With strong leadership and support, Fay-Penn continues to thrive and maintains a reputation as one of the most well-respected economic development organizations not only in the Commonwealth but across the country.

Although the organization's primary mission has remained constant, its strategies continually expand and evolve.  Our progressive attitude and adaptability to external economic drivers have been key factors in us creating or retaining over 10,000 jobs and generating $1.7 billion in business investment in Fayette County.


Business Support

Fay-Penn staff, assisted by our partner organizations, has delivered customized, turn-key support for any business need for over 25 years. Each year, we help almost 100 firms with services ranging from business planning to operational training.  We take the time to understand your specific, exact needs, and then work with you one-on-one to reach your goals. Fay-Penn collaborates with local, regional and state partners to offer a plethora of business amenities.

Lori Scott

Business Development Coordinator



Fay-Penn provides loan financing with low rates and loan fees to small businesses.  We coordinate the lending process with various partners to provide complete, seamless financing packages for our clients.  We have been financing local business projects for over 24 years, assisting over 200 businesses with more than $25 million in loans, and leveraging additional millions from our lending partners.  Whatever your business need is, we can help.


Ben Siebart

Loan Program Coordinator

Lori Scott

Business Development Coordinator


Site Selection

Join the likes of Boeing, Johnson-Matthey, PTC, Chevron, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Gerome Manufacturing and many other premier companies that call Fayette County home.  We've got a great location, low cost of doing business, workforce attracting amenities, and all the incentives and support you need to compete in today's global marketplace. Some of the industries in Fayette County include manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, aerospace and construction.


Lori Scott

Business Development Coordinator



Fay-Penn combines its efforts with Westmoreland-Fayette WIB, Saint Vincent College SBDC, PA CareerLink Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, and our educational institutions to provide comprehensive workforce services. We develop our local workforce through programs designed to have direct impact for employers.  We don't take skillsets needed by our employers for granted, and neither should you. 

Misty Lowry

Workforce Development Specialist

Lori Scott

Business Development Coordinator




The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers business support from a number of agencies. 

Two important information source links are provided below.



Fay-Penn employees are dedicated to making a positive difference in Fayette County through their work. Everyone on our staff is accountable not only to their individual areas of involvement, but also to the overall impact our organization has on our region. 

Each employee is committed to:

  • Providing excellent, productive customer service to, and building excellent relationships with, clients, colleagues, and partners

  • Promoting respect, teamwork, and accountability among colleagues and partners

  • Acting with the highest ethical standards

  • Exhibiting the utmost professionalism at all times when representing Fay-Penn

  • Maintaining competency in their field

  • Working effectively ("doing the right things") and efficiently ("doing things right")

  • Seeking the greatest good for Fayette County, its residents, and Fay-Penn

Traci Fenner, HR Administrator/ Office Manager  |  724.437.7913 x 205

Brent Filak, Chief Financial Officer  |  724.437.7913 x 218

Earl Miller, Real Estate Services Manager  |  724.437.7913 x 209

Brenda Sapic, Accountant (AP)  |  724.437.7913 x 221

Lori Scott, Business Development Coordinator  |  724.437.7913 x 207

Twila Kendall, Technical Specialist  |  724.437.7913 x 241

Ben Siebart, Loan Program Coordinator  |  724.437.7913 x 217

Tina Wargo, Chief Technical Officer  |  724.437.7913 x 219

Kimberly Wyda, Accountant (AR)  |  724.437.7913 x 220

Sandy McClelland, Administrative Assistant  |  724.437.7913 x 201

Misty Lowry, Workforce Development Specialist  |  724.437.7913 x 229

James Gray, Economic Development Manager  |  724.437.7913 x 203


We invite you to join with businesses, nonprofits, governments, and other individuals to help in growing the economy of Fayette County.


What's in it for you?  A better place to live, work, and play!

  • Your contribution helps us to make the economic future of Fayette County just a bit brighter.  If we aren't directly helping you yet as an employer, we're helping your neighbor to grow their business and to attract more customers.  If we aren't directly helping you yet as an employee, we're helping to train your neighbor to land a good or a better job.  In our spare time we bring in public and private investment to build new stuff in Fayette County or to upgrade the stuff we already have.

  • You can be involved from the ground up in what we focus on.  Our members have diverse interests and skills across a number of disciplines including finance, property management, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, strategic planning, fundraising, human resources, and management, to name a few.  We rely on guidance from experts who care about what happens here to create nothing but the best for our community.

  • Fayette County becomes more appealing for existing and potential residents.  There's more money to spend on neat things to buy and neat things to do.  That makes for better citizens, and for better customers and employees for your business.  Your friends and family can look forward to staying not only for rewarding careers and an inviting quality of life, but also for meeting new friends in the future.

  • You'll belong to a great group of civic-minded professionals that share common interests.

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